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Court Meaningful Personal & Professional Relationships

Introducing KASH Camera Work's Made4Dates Collection

Edgy Photography with class and sex appeal. Printed photography, wall art, clothes, media and more. Check back regularly for new products, prints and events.

Pics provided courtesy of KASH Camera Work (c) 2019

Airbnb Approved Brand Ambassador

To request information on how to add KASH and the rest of the crew as co-hosts of your listing simply click here, or the image above

What's a co-host?

According to Airbnb co-hosts help listing owners take care of their home and guests.

A co-host is someone the listing owner already knows. They are usually a family member, neighbor, trusted friend, or someone the host has hired to help with the listing.

Hosts and co-hosts agree on who's responsible for what, how much of the reservation income will go to the co-host, and how the co-host will be reimbursed for expenses.

To learn more, read about what co-hosts can do and how to add a co-host to your listing.

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